Sealless Magnetic Drive Pump

PTC-100 PT-C251

Max. Head: 21.4m
Max. Capacity: 160L/m
Motor Power: 0.25~0.75kw

PTC-400 PTC675

Max. Head: 46m
Max. Capecity 1006L/m
Motor Power:0.37~7.5kw


Materials of GFRPP and CFRETFE are available for selection. All materials are raw and pure for better corrosion resistance.

Universal Flange

Universal flange design for three specific types of piping connections which are ANSI, JIS, and DIN.

Impeller + Inner Magnet

One-piece design of impeller is to increase stability of the operation.


Anti-vortex design for rear casing is to prevent abrasion caused by impurity substances.


Polypropylene material provides excellent corrosion resistance and is light weighted.

Front Casing

Removable flange design is for easy pipeline connection.

Shaft Support

One-piece shaft supporter injection is to reduce operating vibration which may cause fall-offs.


Patented special flow channel design is to prevent crystallization when temperature changes in operation.

Rear Casing

Special structure design of no extra metal supporter is to provide better pressure resistance and durability.

Metallic Stainless Steel Magnetic Drive Pump

PM Series 

iMax. capacity : 81L/min (50/60Hz)

Max. head : 22m(50Hz) / 30m(60Hz)

Motor : 90~550W

Application temperature : -80~280°C

    PS Series

    Max. capacity : 850L/min (50/60Hz)

    Max. head : 55.7m(50Hz) / 68m(60Hz)

    Motor : 0.75~7.5KW

    Application temperature : -80~280°C

      PL Series  

      TMax. capacity : 1901L/min(50Hz) / 2011L/min(60Hz)

      Max. head : 91.3m(50Hz) / 132.5(60Hz)

      Motor : 5.5~18.5KW

      Application temperature : -80~280°C

        PW Series

        Max. capacity: 49L/min(50Hz) / 53L/min(60Hz)

        Max. head : 78m(50Hz) / 108m(60Hz)

        Motor : 0.75~3.7KW

        Application temperature : -80~280°C

          • Sealless structure, non-seal with magnetic drive design for leakage-free.
          • Protect the environment and user safety.
          • The standard material uses metallic stainless steel SUS316L, which provides better corrosion resistance.
          • Other special alloys are provided for optional selection.
          • Commonly used in transferring corrosive, toxic, flammable, or explosive chemicals.
          • High-efficiency design to reduce energy consumption when operating.
          • High component durability, low maintenance requirements, and cost savings.
          • Internal flow channels provide fast cooling, extending the lifespan.
          • EU CE certification / ATEX explosion-proof certification
          • Provide maintenance services for the full series of products.
          • Temperature: -80°C ~ +280°C

          Dry Run Protector


          Current and power type are available for selectio,

          To prevent the pump failure during abnormal

          operating or dry running

            • To provide current and power type for selection.
            • To protect the pump during abnormal operation.
            • To prevent motor overloading or underloading.
            • To prevent pump dry running for long time.
            • Compact size for easy setup and install.
            • Compact size for easy setup and install.
            • Motor circuit overload protector devices.
            • Electronic control for pump system.