CSR activities in conjunction with the Bang Pu Nature Education Center. Participated in studying the nature of the mangrove forest and jointly adding green areas to the mangrove forest. to increase habitats for aquatic animals and reduce carbon dioxide emissions There was an activity to educate and answer questions about the mangrove forest that we hadn’t expected. We got to know the tiny but cool “Crab Crab” or “Crab Claw” of the mangrove forest. We got to see “Pla Kra-Chang”, also known as “Pla Teen”. that many people have familiar names and went to see the natura classroom with many kinds of plants that were never known before. There was a tasting of white maca leaves and cha-kram trees, and I could tell that they were extremely salty. And in the end, we went to help each other plant a forest with the “White Samae” tree.