About us

Plant Equipment was established in 1997 selling pump and vacuum pump. We had been a distributor for SIHI pump from 1999 to 2016. We expand branch office in Rayong which allow us to service the customer in Eastern area.

As a company grew, we are now a distributor for many kinds of well-known industrial products including pumps, vacuum pump, corrosion resistant product and sealing solutions.

We have an extensive team of engineers to provide technical back up for all of our products. We dig deeper to understand the real needs of our customer and find the most effective solution  for them. We are one of the company who sell the solution, not sell the product.

Our integrated team (Sales Team, Service Team, Application Team and Quality Team) of highly trained technical and customer service specialist are in constant collaboration to deliver the excellent solution which exceed customer expectation.

 Who we are and What we do

We are pump solution provider.

We provide completion of vacuum pump system.

We are one stop company for corrosion resistant products.

We provide innovative sealing technology.

We provide service exceed customer expectation.

our vision


 We are a reliable specialist company who provide industrial product with excellent service to our customer. 



Training our staffs to ensure high level of competency to hands on approach from Engineers not Salesmen.


Practice our staff to be honest and showing a consistent and uncompromising adherence to strong moral and ethical principles and values.


Take action fast and stay in the communication of work.


Keep in place with technology and change


Training and Building our people to have high service mind to provide our service exceed customer expectation


Believe in teamwork to build our organization function as efficiently as possible.


Find a way to deliver the most effective solution in term of Quality, Price, Interchangeable Product & Parts and Delivery which meet customer specification.


Creating long-term relationship with our customers and business partners.