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Shaft Lip Sealing Technology

Interseal Brand

The specially developed tribological system between the protection sleeve and the sealing lips ensures that no liquid or gas has to be used – the dry9000® runs completely dry. Therefore, the Pfaudler interseal dry9000® system has no need of any supply systems such as a thermosiphon tank or system to pressurize blocking media.

The patented lip seal for agitators and mixers makes the weakest link become a success factor:

– Runs dry

– 100% leak proof

– Ensures that your productivity runs permanently smoothly

– Follows every movement – DIN, ATEX, TA Luft, GMP and FDA, standards you can rely on

– Modular concept, one system, unlimited options

    Progressing cavity pump

    Moyno/NOV Brand

    Compact C Pump delivers reliable performance to the maximum duty requirements of your application in a compact package. Features include suction lift capability up to 28 feet, positive displacement for process control, and variable speed for accurate dosing.

    Multi Screw pump

    Leistritz Brand

    Our new screw pump stands out from the crowd particularly through its easy-to-change insert which guarantees lasting peak performance. Modern design teamed with unique functionality provides flexibility during installation you have never experienced before.

    Made for demanding applications in the naval, energy, mechanical engineering, oil, and chemical sectors FLEXCORE provides superior performance data and maximum operational reliability:

    • Low-pulsation flow rates: 7 – 564 l / min
    • Viscosities: 1.1 to 2,500 mm2/s
    • Differential pressure: 1 to 40 bar

    Submersible Sewage Pumps

    DryWet Design Caprari Pump

    The Energy range features the new patented “DryWet” cooling system,
    which allows its use both in tanks and dry chambers
    The same pump in dry and wet pit both vertical and horizontal installation
    The unique wastewater pump with 4 combined anti-clogging systems
    • Fiber cutting
    • Back-impeller cleaning
    • Anti-sedimenting
    • Large solids handling

    PFA/PTFE Lined Pump

    RICHTER Process pumps, valves and control equipment are used for conveying corrosive, environmentally critical, high-purity and other difficult media. Reliability, environmental protection and low maintenance have top priority for the plant operator.

    PFA/PTFE Lined Valve

    RICHTER Excellent ratio of economic and operational performance, for the use in a wide range of process applications. Maximum reliability: one piece ball/stem unit avoids weak spot ball to stem.


    Solid Plastic Pump

    VANTON Thermoplastic Pumps for corrosive, abrasive, hazardous, and ultrapure fluids. The wet end components of every Vanton pump are made from corrosion and abrasion resistant engineered plastics.

    Metal Bellow Sealed Globe Valve

    HUNT & MITTON World class products range into the world’s largest market for hazardous chemical valves

    Internal Gear Pump

    ENVIRO GEAR Sealed Internal Gear Pumps are durable, flexible and efficient positive displacement gear work-horses that excel in challenging applications.

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