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Basic of Centrifugal Pump 15-10-2021

Griswold Pump

Griswold® 811 ANSI Series Pumps

Complete line of ASME (ANSI) B73.1 Centrifugal Pumps

The 811 ANSI Series is available in a wide range of sizes, capacities and materials to fit virtually any process-fluid application. With more than 30 selections and multiple design options, we’ve got your application covered – for abrasives, corrosive substances and a wide range of capacities.

EnviroGear Pump

EnviroGear®, a product brand of PSG®, a Dover company, is a global provider of innovative, high-quality industrial gear pumps for the safe and efficient transfer of high-value and hard-to-seal fluids. EnviroGear’s mission is to engineer the world’s safest and most reliable internal gear pumps by understanding our customers’ needs and providing unparalleled customer service through our highly skilled and experienced team.

Magnetic Drive Pump

Sealless and Leak-Free for a Better Environment

  • Excellence corrosion resistance
  • Simple structure for easy maintenance
  • Innovative and patent design of thermal cooling structure
  • Material available for GFRPP and CFRETFE
  • Sealess design with leak-free feature

Klaus Union Germany

We are a leading worldwide specialist in the market of industrial pumps and valves. The Chemical and petrochemical industries make extensive use of our magnetic drive technology.Since our incorporation, 70 years ago, we have acquired a well deserved reputation as a leading pump and valve specialist capable of meeting the most exacting quality and safety standards.

PFA/PTFE Lined Pump

RICHTER Process pumps, valves and control equipment are used for conveying corrosive, environmentally critical, high-purity and other difficult media. Reliability, environmental protection and low maintenance have top priority for the plant operator.

PFA/PTFE Lined Valve

RICHTER Excellent ratio of economic and operational performance, for the use in a wide range of process applications. Maximum reliability: one piece ball/stem unit avoids weak spot ball to stem.


Solid Plastic Pump

VANTON Thermoplastic Pumps for corrosive, abrasive, hazardous, and ultrapure fluids. The wet end components of every Vanton pump are made from corrosion and abrasion resistant engineered plastics.

Metal Bellow Sealed Globe Valve

HUNT & MITTON World class products range into the world’s largest market for hazardous chemical valves

Internal Gear Pump

ENVIRO GEAR Sealed Internal Gear Pumps are durable, flexible and efficient positive displacement gear work-horses that excel in challenging applications.

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